Gigantic Woodcut (In Progress: Part IV.I)

Gigantic Woodcut (In Progress: Part IV.I)

“What the Hell?” I’m sure that’s what none of you are thinking to yourselves. “But you’ve been posting progress photos that look COMPLETELY different to that.” No one is saying.
Well, I looked at what was going on, I don’t dislike it, but I decided to shift gears on how I was going to present this. These are the first two layers, as I only had time for two today. They are Yellow Ocher and Sepia heavily mixed with Trans Base. Of course I did some nifty wiping, only this time I’m trying to keep it a little less random.


About joshsmothers

Hello there people! I'm Josh and this is my fancy pants art blog. I live in San Francisco and I am a Printmaker and Book Artist. On this site you will see both finished works as well as works in progress (sometimes very in depth). If you have any questions about my methods, techniques, pieces, or my favorite football team; feel free to ask!
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