Tunnel Book Part I

Tunnel Book Part I

So, I know that this is a Printmaking blog, but in addition to that I love doing Book Arts! And since I run this thing, I’m gonna put this on here as well…

Anyways, this is the way that I normally make books. I have the idea, then I try to make as detailed of a dummy as I can. Based of off feedback from others, I am going to increase the size both physically as well as the number of pages. The book is going to be attached a case that is going be covered in book cloth, with the title printed on it.

More to come.


About joshsmothers

Hello there people! I'm Josh and this is my fancy pants art blog. I live in San Francisco and I am a Printmaker and Book Artist. On this site you will see both finished works as well as works in progress (sometimes very in depth). If you have any questions about my methods, techniques, pieces, or my favorite football team; feel free to ask!
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