In progress print….print exchange piece

In progress print....print exchange piece

So things are starting to fire up again and one of the first things on the agenda is the Academy of Art University 10th anniversary print exchange piece. This is a small test print of my idea. Overall, it’s going in a direction I like, but I need to modify it for the final big version.


About joshsmothers

Hello there people! I'm Josh and this is my fancy pants art blog. I live in San Francisco and I am a Printmaker and Book Artist. On this site you will see both finished works as well as works in progress (sometimes very in depth). If you have any questions about my methods, techniques, pieces, or my favorite football team; feel free to ask!
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2 Responses to In progress print….print exchange piece

  1. dweinberg415 says:

    Wow, great sfuff! Are you doing mono prints? Looking at your piece, I couldn’t exactly tell what processes you are using. Thanks for the inspiration — I’m taking a printmaking class and struggling all the way through.

  2. joshsmothers says:

    Hey thanks for the kind words! You are correct, it is a monoprint. This particular one is 7×10 and the full size one is going to be 14×20. I’m using the photo transfer method for the image(s), and for the color I’m using oil paint sticks. Along with some nifty registration to make it look super clean.
    Best of luck on the printmaking class! Just it can be overwhelming with the amount of techniques and methods, but you’ll find the one(s) you gravitate towards in no time!

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