Open Studio…

Open Studio...

This is just a collection of my work that is at our open studio. No big deal.


About joshsmothers

Hello there people! I'm Josh and this is my fancy pants art blog. I live in San Francisco and I am a Printmaker and Book Artist. On this site you will see both finished works as well as works in progress (sometimes very in depth). If you have any questions about my methods, techniques, pieces, or my favorite football team; feel free to ask!
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One Response to Open Studio…

  1. Oh….Stop it…quit that….you are being so …C..R..AZY. It is a big deal too. Why do artist alway say stuff like that..I am the same way, i’m never happy with my writing,
    but really beat myself over my paintings and drawings. Don’t do that…it discourages us and its the finisher of many artist…it gets us like a dagger in the art.

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