Silkscreen Book: 2

Silkscreen Book: 2

Here I’ve printed 3 layers of the medal. I started to print the black key line, but it was clogging like a turd bomb. So I threw up my hands and said, “Fine! You win!” and I walked away…after cleaning my screen. And the red clogged up a bit, SOOO I need to do some post production to this thing.


About joshsmothers

Hello there people! I'm Josh and this is my fancy pants art blog. I live in San Francisco and I am a Printmaker and Book Artist. On this site you will see both finished works as well as works in progress (sometimes very in depth). If you have any questions about my methods, techniques, pieces, or my favorite football team; feel free to ask!
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6 Responses to Silkscreen Book: 2

  1. deepfrier says:

    nice job man =D

    It caught my eyes straight away (I’m so weak when it comes to geometric shapes!)
    I also really like the colours, if I had one, I’d put it in my place!

    • joshsmothers says:

      Thanks! This is one spread in a book I’m working on. Once it’s done, if it really tickles your fancy, you could purchase the spread or even one of the books. But thanks again for the kind words!

  2. joshsmothers says:

    Thank you very kindly! I always take progress photos. It’s a sickness. I actually wish more people would do it. It’s always great to see how something builds up to a final piece.

  3. jshewett says:

    Hey, I have this medal! Of course, it’s sitting in a shadow box but…I love how you work with the medals and commendations, and I really like watching your progress. I’m with you, I wish more folks posted pics of works in progress. I’m mostly a fail on that, but I’m TRYING to get better about it.

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